Crypto Bot “Athena”. How does it work?

Sypto’s current Super Crypto bot named ATHENA is a long-only portfolio of top crypto assets with daily rebalancing.

Ok, let’s break this definition of this crypto bot into definitions in simple English.  

Long-only crypto bot

Sypto’s Athena Crypto bot only buys, holds, and sells. It doesn’t open short positions to bet on prices falling. Cryptocurrencies are in a long-term bullish market (just look at BTC charts since 2014) so short-selling carries excess risk even when prices are falling. Instead, if a coin starts falling Sypto aims to sell it fast and possibly later buy it back at lower prices or buy something else.

Diversified Portfolio

Athena holds a wide selection of assets. It doesn’t try to predict which particular coin would surge. Instead, it buys many cryptos at once. The percentage share of each crypto is set by quant research, which takes into account price volatility and other factors. Most importantly, if some asset starts to rise, Athena buys more of it to ride the trend.

Top assets

Athena only trades assets with at least $10 million in daily trading volumes. Assets that are thinly traded could often be hard to buy and sell without moving the prices.

Daily rebalancing 

Athena reviews its assets every day. It then sells assets to cut losses or take profits and buys assets that are cheap. This is easy in theory but doing that manually is nearly impossible for more than a handful of assets. Sypto does this all on autopilot.

So to sum up, Sypto’s Athena crypto bot builds and manages a cryptocurrency portfolio, giving you a stake in the future of the decentralised internet. No one knows which assets will win. Yet by casting a wide net, Sypto will eventually capture most of them.

You can probably do it yourself. But it could easily turn into a full-time job.

Instead, automate your crypto trading with Sypto

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