June Update | Athena Crypto Investment strategy

Sypto hasn’t made a single trade in the last 2 months and we are fully aware of possible concerns. Few things to take into account:

  • Athena has been designed to protect the capital first and then make profitable trades (& essentially in that order only).
  • It focuses on return and not on: No. of days invested / No. of trades
  • Athena is a fully automated platform that functions on all the subscribed accounts seamlessly without any prejudices. 
  • To check if the strategy is active on your account, just look at ‘Open Trades’ in your spot wallet. 
  • Athena makes short term trades and is capable of deciding when to enter into a trade.
  • It can automatically adjust the price conditions of individual coins (as witnessed in the last 2-3 days w.r.t BTC & ETH). 
  • While investors in general have watched their investments getting wiped out with people seeing more than 50% drawdowns in their capital, Athena has protected your capital.
  • All coins in Athena top 5 have become range-bound, showing signs of some stability
Coins being range bound, no opportunity for taking long positions