November Update | Athena | Crypto Investment Strategy

November started on a bullish note with major coins registering double-digit gains within a week until the 8th of November when an unexpected event happened; FTX went bankrupt and as a result, markets crashed!

Thankfully for Sypto, our strategy closed all open positions in no time while coming out unscathed! Our subscribers still manage to have their capital intact with a max drawdown of only up to 5-6%.

Things are improving though! We have entered December with an open position in at least 1 coin i.e. LTC (in Athena Top 10).

Also in November, Sypto opened for early registrations of our much-awaited strategy – ZEUS. It is a Long-Short strategy capable to trade in both bullish as well as the bearish market. To join the waitlist click here

Happy Investing!

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